As a childbirth educator I provide information and practice to prepare for the labor process. My emphasis is on meeting each parent where they are and supporting them to make the best decisions for their care. In addition, my private and group classes offer the opportunity to connect to each individual’s preferred coping skills while sharing additional strategies for getting through


  1. Private childbirth consultations: 2-3 hour sessions in your home or virtually.

  2. Group childbirth classes: small group classes offer community, connection and space to explore any questions/concerns about birth.

As a postpartum doula I provide support for new families in the early weeks with a new baby. My intention is to be a guide and to instill confidence in the parents so they ultimately know what's best for their baby.

Call/text/email me for a complimentary conversation about how I can provide essential care for you and your family!



Caitlin was truly a godsend to us after the birth of our daughter. She helped with breastfeeding, bathing and managing our daughter's reflux; answered countless questions and helped set up our co-sleeper; and looked after our daughter while we showered - just to name a few things. Caitlin has the perfect balance of traits that we needed in a doula - she's smart and experienced but also deeply caring, intuitive and a wonderful listener. We couldn't wait for her to arrive each day and felt empowered after she left. In addition to her life-saving advice and support during our daughter's early months Caitlin give us something we'll forever cherish and carry with us - a deep confidence in our abilities as parents.

Cat and Christine, moms to Marlo