You are a woman seeking a reprieve from the struggle.

You are someone who knows there’s more to life than running on the hamster wheel.

You sense that something major is missing and…

you’re missing out on life, because of that dreaded hamster wheel.

It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine actually feeling fully present in the activities you had to do daily.

Imagine enjoying reading to your kid without worrying about the laundry or the dishes or your job.

Imagine taking time for yourself to nourish your soul.

It goes deeper than getting a massage or a haircut (though those things can be important too!).

You’ve probably lost touch with some parts of yourself as life has gotten busier. But that part isn’t lost, it’s just been hidden. Like a tiny gemstone embedded in solid rock—with careful attention and love, that brilliant part of you will shine again.

I would be so honored to have a conversation with you about all that’s going on your life—what’s going well, what isn’t, and how I can support you in making necessary shifts to live the life you’ve been wanting.

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Caitlin has an incredible capacity in helping you uncover what it is you are most wanting and then offers the support you need to make the desire a reality.

When we began working together I was in a place of complete confusion and frustration as I tried to juggle a baby and my business. Now have a tremendous sense of peace and clear boundaries, and am able to manage my baby + my business a lot better (most days!).

Leah Fox, yoga teacher and mini mala maker.

I met Caitlin when I took her childbirth education class before my son was born. I was impressed by her calm and capable demeanor so I also hired her as a postpartum doula. Several months after my son was born I was back to work part time and feeling kind of lost. Motherhood changed my perspective on work and identity in ways that I didn’t expect and I was struggling with how to prioritize the different aspects of my life.

I was skeptical about how much I could really get out of a coaching session, but working with Caitlin turned out to be incredibly valuable at a time of major transition in my life. She helped me clarify my values and identify the blocks that were preventing me from living a more fulfilling life. I came away from our sessions with concrete strategies to overcome small hurdles in my daily life and the confidence to make some major changes that I’d been putting off for years. Caitlin also helped me to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments, both small and large, that I’d already made. I finished our sessions feeling empowered to tackle the obstacles in my way and ready to face new challenges. I left a job that had been draining my energy for years and I’m currently enrolled in classes that are challenging and exciting in preparation for a new career.

Ultimately Caitlin helped me find the courage to embrace a new path in my life that had previously seemed too daunting and too big a departure from who I thought I was or had to be.

I would recommend Caitlin, without hesitation, to anyone who needs some direction in their work or in their life. She is very gifted at asking the right questions to help you recognize what you truly value. She is able to show you how to use your strengths and overcome your weaknesses in order to move forward in a positive direction.

Cara Winter