Happy Birthday to Me!

casey 5 It’s my birthday!

And I thought it would be a great day for my inaugural blog post.

Welcome to CoreBirthing! I’ll be writing about birth, parenting, and life from my perspective. I’m a mom to two amazing kids, wife and partner to Jonathan (founder and creator of CoreWalking), childbirth educator, postpartum doula and life coach serving women in NYC and beyond. I’m so excited to share this with you!

I am now 40 years older than I was in that picture. I took it from my mom’s house because I wanted to remind myself of that feeling and the feeling I always had when I looked at that picture growing up.

I am happy.

I am strong—(and dirty and sweaty from running around outside all day!)

I am loved.

Along the way, those feelings ebb and flow—some days I feel more loved, some days I am decidedly not happy, sometimes I feel weak and afraid.

But I am reminded of what a strong little spirit I was and I am when I look at myself at 5. And when I took this picture from my mom’s house my intention was to place it somewhere I could look at it every day to connect into those feelings.

My parents used to tell me something similar—they wrote it on cards, said it to me when they kissed me goodnight, they were attempting to bolster my sense of self.

You are great

You are strong

You are loved, they said.  I didn’t always believe them but I was glad to hear it.

Now it comes from my own voice. And it feels great!

I found the picture where I’d placed it that day—tucked into a flap in my journal. I kept it hidden. Forgot about it, got too busy, didn’t feel those things. I’m sharing it now because I’m ready to remember. For me, for family, for my friends, and for the families I serve.

I am happy.

I am strong.

I am loved.