Starting from Now


It's been a while since I've written. You know when you intend to do something and you keep putting it off and putting it off until you finally feel like it's been too long anyway so why bother? Well, that's kind of where I've been.

And yes, life's been full so I've been busy. But that's no excuse. I've thought about writing hundreds of times. I've started posts and even finished several and never published them. For whatever reason—fear, doubt, inertia, distractions, downright laziness—it hasn't happened.

Here's my list of blog ideas that have been collecting in my phone for years:

  1. Resilience
  2. Crybaby
  3. When things fall apart
  4. Power of belief in healing
  5. Comparing ourselves
  6. Life is messy
  7. Betty and Veronica
  8. We're nicer in public (sometimes)
  9. Kickboxing and birth
  10. It's a matter of perspective—poop smell
  11. We drove another childless couple away
  12. How we talk to our kids I'd never talk to anyone else
  13. My depression as a mom
  14. No one prepares you for the loneliness
  15. 20 feet from stardom
  16. Crying baby subway ads—what makes people so angry?

I see some good ideas. Most of them I remember exactly what I wanted to say. Others, not so much.

My biggest hurdle, and I know I'm not alone in this, is that I'm afraid no one wants to hear what I have to say and that what I'm saying has no value. Or that others have said it better than I ever could. Recently, Elizabeth Gilbert put a photo on her Facebook page with a quote: Your Fear is the Most Boring Thing About You.

LG quotepic

She goes on to say that it only has one thing to say and that's STOP! Stop trying, stop moving, stop growing and stay safe.

I like safety. I've historically enjoying being in the background in a supporting role and cheering people on. It's why I love the work that I do: from helping pregnant women get in touch with their strengths; to helping moms with newborn babies navigate the tricky terrain of the postpartum period; and finally, to coaching women who have a deep desire to live a life with intention and meaning.

I've also always been drawn to leadership—teaching, nurturing, inspiring.

I get to witness transformation. And I am honored to do this.

So, when I'm crippled by fear, I have a real motivation to push through; to model for my clients and my family that I won't give up. It's not always pretty or easy. Sometimes it's pretty awful.

But each time you push through a fear, you learn that you can do that thing, right?

I'm sharing this list with the hope that by putting it out there I'll have some accountability. With you as my witnesses, I can get to my writing.

I'd love to hear which topics pique your interest. And also, what helps you when you're stuck? Please share your comments below. And thanks for reading!